About us

What is Gallivant?

Gallivant partners with rare, creative founders who embody determination and independence. We help build legendary companies from idea to reality and beyond, with a commitment to long-term partnerships.

We prioritize teamwork over showmanship, and we value diverse strengths and skillsets. We are direct, honest, and not afraid to push when we see potential.

What do we do?

We take our work seriously and carefully choose the words to describe it. We consider ourselves long-term partners, not just investors.

We are committed to bringing intense meaning to our work. This commitment gives us a heightened sense of responsibility and purpose. We are passionate about helping the daring build legendary companies from idea to reality and beyond.

Gallivant Ventures

Gallivant Ventures LLP
Jewel Homes, WhiteField
E1, A-Block, SRM Road
Kaloor, Kochi – 682018

Phone: +91 98470 88888
Email: hello@wegallivant.com

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